I. Legal trademark services

A. Oppositions against the application of a trademark

You have detected an infringement to your exclusive right of use of your registered trademark?

Within a period of three months, you can file an opposition to the application of the infringing trademark at the DPMA (German trademark office).


I will gladly advice you on the preparation of the necessary documents, legal proceedings as well as cost risk. Leave the drafting of documents needed to file the opposition in my hands and benefit from my experience in the field.

B. Registration of a trademark at the DPMA

The registration of a trademark at the DPMA results in nearly monopolist protection in favor of the owner in Germany. The registration can be extremely important to protect your products and services right from the start. Therefore you should register your trademark as soon as possible, as the protection begins with the day of the application.

Trademark protection is possible for example for words, letters, numbers, and pictures. Therefore becoming an valuable asset for your company.

I will gladly support you with the preparation of the necessary documents, registration process as well as the enforcement of your trademark.

II. Trademark disputes

A. Cease and desist Letters (Abmahnungen)

The opposing party reproaches you the infringement of a registered trademark?

An infringement can be caused by selling counterfeit branded articles (trademark piracy) or branded articles not to be sold in a specific area.

The opposing party is entitled to claim damages and disclosure about the circumstances of the respective breach. You might receive a declaration to cease and desist (“Unterlassungserklärung”) to be singed within a short period of time.

B. Legal Representation in trademark disputes

No matter if you’d like to enforce your trademark or defend yourself against trademark claims of a third parties, I am able to provide legal advice either for your out of court representation of in fron of a German court.



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